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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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3/28 Spelling Unit: sight words, r-controlled vowels, academic words

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Janet Swanson
Another name for this is tax
This is a geometry term that makes part of an angle.
This describes the space between two places.
This geometry term describes how lines may intersect and form a 90 degree angle.
This is a geometry term that describes what lines can do.
This is a vital organ in the body.
This is a name for a land region.
This geometry term describes a six sides figure.
A synonym for this is perhaps.
Another name for a certain place.
This is a geometry term that is straight.
This is one of many biomes.
This was used for shipping in Christopher Columbus's time.
This is a plant that seasons food.
This is a geometry term that describes a shape.
This is the answer when you subtract.
The answer when you add.
One of the four seasons of the calendar year.
In the spring, it is good to open this for fresh air.
If someone is late, they are this.
The side of a room.