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Earth, Sun, and Moon

By: Josh Ingleson 3/11/16 P7
A body that revolves around a planet
A bright streak of light resulting from a meteoroid burning up in earth's atmosphere
The farthest gas giant from the sun
Twice a month when there is a huge tidal range
The largest planet in or solar system
Jupiter's largest moon
When the moon is shaded by earth's shadow
The different amounts of the lighted side of the moon visible from earth
The star at the center of our solar system
A gas planet with an axis tilt of 97 degrees
The visible part of the sun that is seen from Earth
Reason for the seasons
An elongated circle like shape and also the shape of the planets' orbits around the sun
Earth's only natural satellite
A dwarf planet just beyond Neptune
The farthest terrestrial planet from the sun
A Galilean moon with an icy surface and possibly liquid water under that
Stated the laws of planetary motion
Explained gravity; stated the 3 laws of motion
The straightening of objects
The path one body follows around another body in space
A gas planet well known for its rings
The closest planet to the sun
When the moon blocks the sun from earth and earth is cast in the moon's shadow
The most volcanically active body in the solar system
A system with a star at the center with planets orbiting it
Proposed a heliocentric model of the universe; Polish
A Galilean moon of Jupiter
The process that produces energy in the sun
Small rocky object that orbits the sun
Glowing or giving off light
When the lighted area of the moon visible from earth is getting greater
The second closest planet to the sun
Twice a month when there is a tiny tidal range
3rd planet from the sun an what we live on
Discovered 4 of Jupiter's moon
The daily rise and fall of bodies of water
Proved there are other galaxies aside from the Milky Way
A cooler dimmer area on the surface of the sun
A large ball of burning gas that is mostly hydrogen
Small icy body the sun in an elliptical orbit