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History Ch. 23 &24

Mommy: Kim Shiel
The other Greek city always fighting
Temple built to honor Athena, the goddess of war
The believe in many (poly) gods
Where Greeks believed the gods lived; highest mountain in Greece
One of two Greek cities always fighting
Goddess of chosen as most beautiful
Goddess of strife (suffering)
Wife of Zeus
Tried to invade Greece
King of the Greeks
_____: what Zeus made to start a war on Earth
Wife of Menelaus
Asked to judge which goddess was most beautiful
How many years the Trojan War lasted
Goddess of love and beauty
The belief in one (mono) god
Was outnumbered at the Battle of Marathon, but won the war nonetheless!
Prince of Troy
Won the Peloponnesian War
The Battle of ________ ended the war between the Greed and Persians
King of gods
Goddess of War
How many years the war with Persia lasted
The war that started because Helen fell in love with Paris