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Hitler's Nazi Germany

Teacher: Richard Lake
Like a president or prime minister.
To get rid of the undesirable people or their culture.
How Hitler referred to Germany.
National Socialist German Workers party.
Germany's dictator before and during WW2.
Pronounced hatred of Jews
Hitler's autobiography
Treaty that ended WW1, making Germany accept full blame, reduce their armies, give up their colonies and pay the Allies reparations for war damage.
Type of authoritarian government that uses force, violence and propaganda to control its citizens.
To refuse.
Germany's first and short attempt at a democratic government.
Far left wing single party authoritarian state. (Russian)
Members of the caucasian or white race who Hitler called the "Master Race".
Extreme love and dedication of one's country.
Name for the Supreme leader of Germany
A large prison for undesirable people (Jews).
Two nights of extreme antisemitic violence in 1938.
Peoples of Eastern Europe. (Russian, Polish, Romanian etc.)
"Living space" for Germans; Justified German expansion.
People or a thing blamed for all the evils of a society.
Hitler's name of his new Nazi Government.
The devaluing of money.
Hitler's secret police.
A member of the judaism church; people historically connected to Palastine.