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Desert Biome

Teacher: Kyle
Fruits that are yellow when ripe and brown when dry. Form in huge bunches.
Large lizard with a forked tongue. 5 feet in length.
Looks and behaves like a goat. Lives in the mountains.
16 in. long. Spends the day burrowing and hunts at night.
Nocturnal rodent. Burrows to avoid predators.
Soaks feathers in water to avoid thirst.
Large ears. Size of a domestic house cat.
37 species. Appear as desert stones.
Two feet. Travel by jumping.
Is a bird but spends most of its time on the ground.
Perches on tree limbs and hunts at night. Uses hearing and talons to hunt.
Swims through desert sand like a fish.
4-5 foot long snake with horns above its eyes.
When together they form huge swarms. Eat vegetation.
Large spiders that grow up to 8 in.
Life span of 200 years. Grows up to 65 feet
Removes 805 of feces within a desert environment.
"Pharaoh's chicken." Waits until something is dead to eat it.
Stings its prey with poison from its tail.
Humps on their back.