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R416 SS1 Exodus and the Law

Teacher: Mitchell
Skin affliction plague
I am who I am
Deadly messenger of 10th plague
Wife of Moses
Brother of Moses
Heavenly food for wandering Hebrews
God speaking
Joseph's brother in the silver goblet story
Day of Atonement
Joseph's bro who prevented his demise
Hebrew biblical text with liturgical guidelines
Source tradition in homily form
Hebrew for Lord
Tent that housed the ark of the covenant
Where the patriarchs and matriarchs are buried
Brother of Joseph whose descendants were the temple priests
Hebrew biblical text originally called "In the Wilderness"
God's assistance to Moses in freeing the Hebrews
Mount where Moses received the tablets
Hebrew name for Passover
Plague that destroyed crops
Where Israel moved the 12 Tribes
Name of code detailed in Leviticus
Ritual meal of Passover
Sorrow for sins
Five-step motif in Hebrew scripture
Prescribed worship
Bought Joseph
Biblical book containing the Shema
Favored son of Israel
With whom Moses lives after fleeing Egypt
Jacob's name after he wrestled an angel
Colorful garment Joseph received from Jacob
Substance of first plague
Where the tablets of the Law were kept
Deuteronomy 6.4
Moses' sister