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Palm Sunday 2016

CC Teacher: Sis. Penn
Who objected to the perfume's use?
What group was angry that the people were following Jesus?
What were the 12 followers of Jesus called?
Judas used to help h______ to the money bag.
Jesus is also called the M______.
More Jews were b________ Jesus because of Lazarus being alive again.
What expensive item did Mary open?
What festival would happen in six days?
What did Mary wipe Jesus' feet with?
What animal did Jesus find and sit on?
Jesus said, "Now my soul is t_______."
Where was the festival going to take place?
What was given in Jesus' honor?
Jesus said, "The hour has come for the Son of Man to be g________."
What word did the crowd shout at Jesus?
What kind of branches were taken out to meet Jesus?
Jesus tells us to become "c_______ of light".
Where did Lazarus live?
When God spoke, some said it sounded like t______.
Jesus said, "Whoever serves me must f_____ me."