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Science Crossword

History: Billy Cole
A _____ ________ is a strange sound usually caused by defective heart valves.
What tells how fast your heart is beating?
The blood is then pumped into the pulmonary arteries and ______ at the same time.
What is a major cause of high blood pressure?
Which wall is the wall that is 3 times bigger than the right ventricle?
The heart's nourishment is supplied by 2 _________ _________
Your heart should sound like a _____ _____.
What does unusual heart sounds indicate?
What does a physician use to listen to your heart.
When the heart contracts, both _____ function together.
What can swell slightly as blood passes throughout it?
What is the pressure of circulating blood against the walls of arteries?
Both __ _______ open and blood flows into the ventricles.
Where does the right ventricle pump blood to?
What occurs when the heart beats out of rhythm?