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Spelling 24

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Ms. Stacey
Excess amount; overflow
One who lives through a disaster.
To give in
Acting with great force.
To say sorry for doing wrong
Remove magnetic properties
Capable of taking in, such as: sponge taking in water.
Happening before the flood; ancient
To become known very well
To bring attention to by speech, sight or sound
To take turns
An excuse
Center of two opposites; to make ineffective
To make soil more nutritious.
To examine and measure boundaries
Extra charge; tax
To work hard with much thought
Organize according to a plan
Choice between two possibilities
Acting and thinking the same way; opposite of hypocrisy
Before the American Civil War
Easy to see
To give power or authority to.
To make something old new again.
Moving forward with strength
Entirely different; foreign
Another name