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Holocaust Unit Glossary of Terms

Teacher: Mrs. Flint / Jr. High Literature
German Parliament under the Weimar Constitution.
Individual or group blamed unfairly for something.
Celebration of the Jewish people's freedom from Egyptian bondage.
Beliefs and practices are based on the Old and New Testament emphasizing the role of Jesus as savior.
Six-pointed star; 3 words.
The Nuremberg ____ took place in court with 22 Nazi figures being tried for war crimes.
Schutzstaffel; originally organized as Hitler's personal bodyguard.
Intended to change the manner in which a person or group of people are perceived, reducing the target group to objects.
This Jewish _____ was a symbol that was often in the form of a yellow Star of David.
Oversimplified generalization about a person or group of people without regard for individual differences.
Nazi camp that became a major instrument of terror, punishment and killing.
The religion followed by the Jews.
"Night of Broken Glass"
Nazi emblem.
Someone who is not of the Jewish faith.
Process carried out by German physicians to select victims for extermination or forced labor.
Furnaces used to cremate bodies.
Crimes against ____ that do not violate a treaty but require punishment.
Type of group whose worldview is based on strong intolerance of certain groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.
The Third ___ is the official name of the Nazi regime from 1933-1945.
The practice of discrimination, segregation, persecution, and domination of a group based on that group's race.
Term often used for the Sinti and Roma people persecuted by the Nazis.
Sections of towns/cities that were used to concentrate, exploit, and starve regional Jewish populations.
This group, called Hitler ____, was the Nazi Party's compulsory youth movement.
Discrimination against Jews.
Someone who does something that is morally wrong or criminal.
The Nazis operated six of these types of camps and victims were killed on a mass industrialized scale.
Type of racial laws that became the legal basis for the German racist anti-Jewish policy.
Political party taken over by Hitler; short for Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiter-Partei.
An action that can follow prejudice and is the denial of justice and fair treatment.
Primary emphasis is promotion of a nation's culture and interests.
The murder of ~ six million Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators; others were also targeted.
One who does not participate in an event, but is present or knows about it.
The action of someone in opposition to those in power.
Takes places when foreign armed forces invade, conquer, and take control of a nation or territory.
Nazis saw the religious sect of Jehovah's ____ as enemies because their beliefs did not allow them to swear allegiance to any worldly power.
Ambiguous term that Nazis applied to people of Northern European racial background.