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Thirteen Plays of Shakespeare

Teacher: Mr Sindlinger's Idiosyncratic Puzzles
A young Danish prince is given information about who was the true murderer of his dead father.
It is a play set in old Britain based upon legends concerning the first Celtic King.
A love story about an Egyptian queen and her lover who fights a civil war against the nephew of Julius Caesar.
The story of how a Venetian is tricked into murdering his own wife by lies intertwined with jealousy.
Spelled here without an apostrophe, it is a comic misadventure involving a marriage of The Duke of Athens.
Two young lovers tragically kill themselves in order to make peace between two warring Italian families.
This play centers on a pair of twins who are separated in a shipwreck.
It is a play about gossip, rumor, and overhearing conversations out of meaningful context.
The story of how a Scottish thane murders his way in order to become King of Scotland...
A greedy businessman wants everyone around him to live by the letter of the law.
A king is sent into the wild accompanied by a fool.
The story of how a friend betrays his powerful mentor...
A rich man plots to have his daughter to be given her rightful and just power.