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Planet Earth

Author: Salsa
Planet. The __ will burn up but God will create a new heaven & __. 2 Peter 3:10
Designed world. God warns us 2 worship the Creator, not the __. Romans 1
America On Line (ab)
Lava source
Creepy. Apocalyptic predictions R __
Duo. __ R better than 1 b/c they will help each other up if they fall. Eccl4:9
Spanish 4 "yes"
Park police
Bodies of water. Michigan & Minnesota have many __
Is there a ladder 2 heaven that is not the cross?
National tree planting day
Bird bed
Baseball club or nocturnal winged creature
Omelette ingredient
Old Testament name 4 God, __ Shaddai
Pride. Your __ will try 2 keep U from kneeling B4 the cross that can save your soul
Delicious. Fudge is __ 4 my tummy
Man-from-monkey myth
Physical education (ab)
Hash, disarray. Sin makes a __ of life; God can clean it up. 1 John 1:9
Ride board atop waves
Religious. The way we treat God's creatures reflects our __ beliefs
Garden of Gethsemane tree
Perfect place. Paradise is a __ or book by Thomas More
Impermanent. Live 4 eternity b/c life on earth is __
Submachine gun
If weary, remember U R not home __
Northeast (ab)
Methodic pattern. Study the solar __
Nature & its atmosphere
Softens in severity. God __ when man repents
Paradise. Earth is as close as atheists will get 2 __ & Christians will get 2 hell
Resurrection Sunday. Earth changed 4ever @ __
Doctrine. Bible teaches __ of creation
Sound. Farting is both air & __ pollution
Hawaiian floral garlands
Manlike machines
Contend. Some __ 4 clean & green laws
Air. Toxic emissions pollute the __
Exist. Hell won't disappear just b/c U don't want it 2 __ there when U die
View the heavens with this
Stress. Environmentalists __ clean green products
Egyptian actor, Omar __
Hawaiian word 4 great. Alii __ was female ruler & mahalo __=TXU much
Railroad (ab)
Hotel tariff
Atmosphere. God clears the __ & our consciences
Snarfed. Adam & Eve __ the apple that poisoned the plant
Parcel. Ingratitude is not being content w/your __ in life until U have a __ more
Hippy or moving vehicle
Goal. It's God's __ 2 save my soul