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Soil, erosion/weathering, desertification

Teacher: Mrs. Dulin-Smith
Measure of the volume of soil and the average distance between the spaces
Process by which soil and rock are removed from Earth's surface and transported to a new area
This triangle is used to determine soil type
Gritty feeling
What do you need to measure after the soil shake sits overnight?
Another name for mechanical weathering
Measure of how acidic or basic something is
Animals eating too much vegetation causing desertification
Chlorophyll is important in what process
Very smooth
Extension of typical desert landscapes to areas where they did not occur in the recent past
One component of soil
Smallest grain size
Best erosion agent
Think layer of earth's surface consisting of minerals and organic matter that is affected by wind, water, weather
Medium size grain
Layer with lighter colored soil due to minerals leaching out
Type of weathering where rocks are just smaller pieces of original rock
Layer that contains plant litter
The rate at which water and air moves from the upper to lower levels of soil
Large particles have _____ pores
Phosphorous deficiency leads to this color on the leaves
Oldest layer in the soil horizon diagram
Sticky texture
Type of permeability in samples with small particles
Soil color lacking nutrients
Largest grain size
Youngest layer in the soil horizon diagram
Texture that is the heaviest
Important nutrient that helps make chlorophyll
Lack of rain for long periods of time causing desertification
Type of permeability in samples with large particles
One component of soil
The breakdown of rocks into sediment and smaller pieces
Layer that contains humus
Important nutrient that is necessary for root development, growth and flower production
One component of soil
Important nutrient necessary for plant growth, resisting diseases, survive in extreme conditions
Improper farming causing desertification
Type of weathering where the new rock has a different composition as the original rock
Nitrogen deficiency leads to this color on the leaves
One component of soil
Soil layer that contains pieces of weathered rock
Can't see grains with naked eye