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Rwandan Culture

Puzzle Type: Educational
Student: Barb Riley
Largest population group in Rwanda (84%) - Victims in the 1993/94 Genocide
Led to loss of 70% of the Tutsi population or 20% of Rwanda's overall population
Highly valued for economic success. Often completed in Europe
Leaves used in art work
Second-largest population group in Rwanda (15%) - perpetrators of the Genocide of 1993/94
Climate-favourable economic generator
Primatologist Dian Fossey studied these magnificent beasts in the mountains of Rwanda
Light coloured material used in sculptures - generally illegally obtained from poached elephants
Language brought to Rwanda by the Belgian colonists (1922-1961)
Land covered with dense vegetation dominated by trees
Part of banana tree used in the creation of art
Elephant waste
Local language spoken by all Rwandans
Waste becomes colouring agent
Weaving craft passed through generations
“Land of a ____________ Hills”
Dark wood used in sculpture
Crafting with reads and branches
Skilled, renowned Rwandan dancers
Dried and emptied to use as communal drinking vessel
Capital city