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hilchos pesach and 40a

Author: Rabbi Medetsky
Spoils at a rate of 18 kav per kor
Chometz can be thrown to the _________
If a bechor is weak, he does not have to fast on erev ________
When making the bracha on the bedikah, have in mind the __________ which will be done in the morning
It is assur to eat this on erev pesach
May not be used for bedikas chometz
Kol _________, said after bedikah and after the biyur
Chometz can be thrown into a body of ___________
Some don't eat matzah starting from rosh chodesh _________
If one uses an _____ light, theres a machlokes if one is yotzei bidieved
Bracha before the bedikah: ... ___________ chometz
Bedikas chometz should begin as soon as possible after tzeis _____________
Chometz should be destroyed before the ______ hour
With its shell, it spoils at a rate of 3 seah per kor
Kol chamira should be said in a ___________ that you understand
Bechorim shouldn't fast if it will cause them to miss out on a _________
If the _________ mixed it with his own produce, chisronos don't apply
First word of step #7
Last word of step #11
Many have the minhag to go here on erev pesach
Some people dont eat matzah for _________ days before
One mus only check places which are in his possession at the time of the ___________
_________ rooms must be searched for chometz
Is done by saying kol chamira
__________ candle has more than one wick, can't be used
If one uses a torch, he wont be able to check the __________
Amount taken off for spoilage
Haircuts on erev pesach should be done before __________
These people fast on erev pesach
One can only start learning before tzeis hakochavim on leil bedikas chometz if he appoints a ____________
Bedikah must be done wherever __________ is brought
Many firstborn will attend a __________ and then be exempt from fasting
A tough, powerful man from 39b