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Birds of a Feather Stick Together

Teacher: Mr. Prussman
Birds are important in nature because they spread seeds and ________ flowers.(88)
_________are sometimes considered a health hazard, because they can transmit a respiratory disease in people. (88)
_______are considered bird pests because they eat our crops. (88)
Animals that maintain a warm body temperature regardless of the environment's temperature. (325)
Light, stiff-feathers and hollow bones, are adaptations in birds for_____. (87)
_________HAVE long legs and strong feet for running fast. (88)
Birds lay hard-shelled eggs in ________. (88)
Some birds are known for their spring and fall ________, which show they have an excellent ability to navigate. (88)
The heron's feet are suited for ________. (87)
The _______has a strong feet and a hooked beak for catching and tearing prey. (88)