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Medical Assisting/Medical Science

Teacher: Ms. Bermudez
transcriptionist enters into the computer
NOT a clinical responsibility
treatment of patients with mental, behavioral, or emotional disorders
Inpatient setting that deals with schedule and assist with patients needing special medical attention
medical assistant work hand and hand with
established the American Red Cross
trained to administer both local and general drugs during a surgical procedure
treats disorders and diseases characterized by inflammation of the joints
NOT a characteristic for MA/PCT
otorhinolaryngologist treats the ears, nose, and
MA should grow by about 31 _____ between 2000 and 2010
developed a document called the DACUM
developed surgery and surgical pathology
students work without payment
disorders of the musculoskeletal system
biomedical equipment technician maintains and repairs medical testing _______
writing on the topic of blood circulation
treatments relating to the skin, hair, and nails
There is not eating, chewing gum or drinking in a _________ area
administrative responsibility
trained to treat cardiovascular disease
adhere to a code of values
treats disorders of the eye
founder of modern nursing
first organization to place an emphasis on MA
NOT an administrative duty
In the past medical assistants were trained
ability to work with the sick
candidate has met the standards of the AAMA
great emphasis on the relationship between the musculoskeletal and organs of the body
Programs that are 8 months to two years are considered
NOT a form of communication
NOT one of the usual job opportunities for MA
three or more physicians who share the facility