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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Author: Salsa
Nature. Our Creator 4bids us 2 worship the __. Romans 1
Spanish 4 "yes"
Paintings. __ tries 2 capture scenes of creation on canvas
Improves. Gratitude __ my delight in God's designs
Review what I just studied
Prepare soil 4 seed
Debt tab note
Period. Elizabethan __
N. African desert
Harvest. We __ what we sow
Discard. __ atheistic evolution
Hawaiian 4 "woman"
Pinch. __ & tuck facelift
Like, while
Who is responsible 4 my happiness?
Productive. God told us 2 be __ & multiply
Tropical bird with big bill
Look __ 2 C your Creator
Oceans. God made the heavens, earth, __ & all life in them. Nehemiah 9:6
Dog-loving dead senator, __ Kennedy
Puzzlement. Love all God's creation & you will perceive the divine __ in things. Dostoyevsky
Country dad. It was a ma & __ shop
Physical education (ab)
Bone structures. Many corporations have __ in their environmental closets
Academy award
Biblical high priest
Excursions. Exotic __ raise awareness of endangered species
Jesus. All things were made by __. John 1:3
Our planet. In the beginning, God made heaven & __. Genesis 1:1
Oriental hot drink
Asian country with gurus, Ganges & Golden Temple
__ no!
Creation. __ can nurture our faith
Researchers. __ have discovered the same order of creation as in Scipture
That is (ab)
Dutch flower
Celestial lights. God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone but on flowers & clouds & __. Luther
Unbelievers. __ refuse 2 C God in creation
Long period of time
Critter. God made each plant & __ reproduce after its kind. Genesis 1:12
Christ. It was in __ that all things were created. Colossians 1:16
Twist. It's spiritual suicide 2 __ God's will by idolizing nature
Nature & Animals Federation (ab)
Writing instrument
Activities. If I tend 2 God's __, He'll tend 2 mine
Cruel coat material--except 4 animals
Tolerant, merciful. We expect others 2 be __ with us but R we __ with others?
Extraterrestrial movie
Life's end. An afterlife elsewhere begins @ __ when I exit earth
Abbrv. 4 hogwash
Consumers. Americans R big __ of fuel
Cause. There is no color in this world that is not intended 2 __ us rejoice. Calvin
Abraham's homeland or text 4 "you are"
Massage mineral resort
Post script (ab)
Old Testament name 4 God, __ Shaddai
Chinese tennis star __ Na
Ergo, there4
Either __