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Science Review Puzzle

The top layer of the earth
A change that does NOT result in a new substance
An animal that begins life in water but later lives on land
A seeking for truth; an investigation
To sort items into groups based on their characteristics
The part of a plant cell that makes & stores food
A group of cells working together to perform a certain function
An animal without a backbone
A temporary magnet
A scientist who studies earthquakes
A vascular plant that has flowers or fruit around the seeds
A change that results in a new substance
Anything that has mass and takes up space
The basic unit of structure & function
A micro-organism that can be single or multi-celled
An educated guess about what will happen in an experiment
Something you were born knowing how to do
The dropping off of sand & sediment, usually at the mouth of a river
The carrying away of sediment by wind, water, or ice
The smallest part of an element