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General Bible Knowledge 7

Who preached about and explained the history of Israel just before he was stoned? (Acts 7)
Where does the Bible say Lucifer, the angel, fell from? (Isaiah 14: 12)
What Old Testement book of the Bible is a collection of wise sayings and advise?
Who was Ruth's mother-in-law? (Ruth 1:7-8)
In the armor of God, what is the helmet? (Ephesians 6:17)
Name an apostle whose name begins with T. (Matt. 10:2-4)
Who was Joseph's mother? (Gen. 30: 22-24)
Whose house did Peter go to after being released from prison? (Acts 12:11-12)
Who was the queen, the wife of Ahab, who was very wicked? (1 Kings 21:7-26)
How many times was Naaman supposed to dip in the water to be healed of his lepracy? (2 Kings 5:10)
What did the women bring to Jesus' tomb? (Mark 16:1)
Who purchased Joseph as a slave? (Gen. 37:36)
Where did Moses see the burning bush? (Exodus 3:1)
In the parable of the talents, where did the servent who had received 1 talent put it? (Matt: 25-18)
What was the name of Mary's sister who worked hard in the kitchen? (Luke 10:40)
How many pieces of silver did Judas get for betraying Jesus? (Matt. 26:15)