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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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4/25 Spelling Unit: sight words, r-controlled vowels, academic words

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Janet Swanson
This means something that makes your life difficult.
This is what you do with your money when you buy something.
This is a way to explain the main of idea of one topic.
This is an area of a country or city.
This means more than one.
There are twelve of these in a year.
This is another word for getting together.
This is the official power to make legal decisions and judgments.
This branch of government makes the laws.
This directions is where the sun sets.
This explains the conditions of climate change.
This is part of a plant or the base of a word.
This means a part of a whole or what the parts of the government include.
This is another word for elevated.
This is one who operates on people or animals.
These are things that make music or can be used for an operation.
This branch of the government includes the court system.
This is the branch of government headed by the president.
This means having to put with something that can make life difficult.
This is what you do when you rest on your bed.
This is the place after second and before fourth.