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Spelling - Unit 20

Teacher: Mr. Barth
Groups of people or things that are similar in some way
Things that show where areas ends and others begins
Large rounded typically red or yellow pulpy berries of an herb
Feelings of being sure that someone or something exists
People who walk by something on a street or road
Feelings of having been treated unfairly
Reference books that contain information about many different subjects
Two equal periods of playing time in sports
Groups of musicians who play together
Stores in which drugs and medication are prepared and sold
Officers in a police force who rank below captain or lieutenant
Numbers or collections of different things or people
People who steal things
Tools or devices used for particular purposes
Materials of a particular kind
Flying insects that bite the skin and suck blood
Sounds that are a copy of another sound
Number of things or events that are arranged or happen one after the other
Acts of traveling from one place to another
Written or printed lists of things and the times they will be done