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Instruments of the Orchestra

A high-pitched brass instrument having 3 valves
The largest and deepest-sounding brass instrument
The brass instrument played with a moving slide
The only orchestral string instrument not played with a bow
A percussion instrument having wooden bars of varying sizes
The family of instruments played by striking, shaking, or scraping
A woodwind instrument that does not use a reed
A higher-pitched, double-reed instrument
The smallest string instrument having the most members in the orchestra
A lower-pitched, double-reed instrument
A keyboard instrument sometimes featured in an orchestra
A percussion instrument that can be played by either shaking or striking
The set of four low-pitched drums
The only single-reed instrument in the orchestra
A bowed string instrument with a medium-low range
The highest-pitched member of the woodwind family
___ drum; a large, deep-sounding percussion instrument
___ drum; an instrument which adjusts to change its vibrating, or rattling, sound
The second highest bowed string instrument
A brass instrument whose tubing is wound into a round configuration