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The Re-conquest of New Mexico

Teacher: Scarborough
______ and Santa Cruz are two Spanish settlements that were founded after the Revolt. NMJ100
When Spain wanted to build new settlements outside of Santa Fe, the governor offered ______ to individuals or groups so they would move. NMJ101
The Pueblos were afraid that the Spanish wanted revenge for the Revolt, so many fled into the _____ when they saw the Spanish arrive. NMJ100
Even after the Revolt, the ______ was still intent on converting Natives to their religion. NMJ100
Type of sheep brought to NM by the Spanish. NMJ101
This part of the buffalo was often sold to wealthier New Mexicans as an expensive treat to eat. NMJ102
______ and Silvestre de Escalante were two Spanish priests who saw large parts of the Southwest that not many Europeans had ever seen. NMJ102
The conquistador chosen to reconquer NM after the Pueblo Revolt. NMJ100
Much of the cowboy lifestyle that we know today came from Spain and this country. NMJ102
One of the most valuable items taken during raids by the Comanche and Utes were ____. NMJ104
The reconquest of NM was largely peaceful, but when Vargas returned to Santa Fe, he found it _____ and had to fight to get it back. NMJ100
Spanish settlers measured wealth by the number of _____ a family had. NMJ101
The word chaps, or cowboy leggings that are worn on the outside of pants, come from this Spanish word. NMJ102
This phrase was shouted as part of a "ceremony" when land grants were issued by the governor. NMJ101
The New Mexican governor who ended the Comanche raids.
Many Spaniards felt that their _____ was at stake. They felt weak in front of other European conquerors. (Reconquest Notes)
A cibolero is a _______. They learned most of their skills from Natives who lived in the area. NMJ102
Large estate or ranch (Spanish word) NMJ101
The Spanish did not bring back this hated system when they returned to NM after the Revolt. NMJ103
A nomadic tribe who once raided Pueblos and Spanish settlements. NMJ104
The attempts at revolt between 1694-1696 were not successful because the Pueblos no longer had a strong _____. NMJ100