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Science and Scientists

0 degrees
The only person ever to win Nobel Prize for both physics and chemistry-- you go girl!
Zoologist and subject of mureder mystery
This Levi-Strauss is the father of modern anthropology, not the designer of iconic jeans!
Father of genetics
Bats are not this, while most batters are !
Anthropologists study these Polynesian carvings of human forms
Closest bright star to our solar system
This shocking creature is misnamed-- he's actually a knife fish!
The scales of a pine cone run in this sequence
Anatomy is study of the ____.
Charged particle
Unbroken part of the circumference of a circle
He'll take your ticket to ride
Continental, oceanic, and apple pie, to name a few....
Skinner's first name
WWhere all molecule activity ceases
You gotta love this mother of computing science!
Measures the speed of wind
Value of freezing point
Unit of measurement of resistance
X, for example
A testable scientific idea
A white heron
Life-saving reflex
The nomadic Scythians developed this movable tent circa 3000 BC
Quintessential scientific query-- what came first -- the chicken or this?
Brother Chop Chop's forte
A Perfect Pythagorean symbol
Itchy parasite
SShe developed this scoring system for newborns
Feline with a PhD in psychotherapy
Cam, for one
First woman in space
The point in orbit farthest from the earth
This "exciting" guy founded quantum mechanics
3.14 etc.
Volcanic ejecta
Developed AC electrical systems
The tail that follows a comet-- it's form of punctuation!
This Hans Christian had electromagnetism on his mind, not fairy tales!
This scientist is perhaps greatest artist of all time
Omg! Ohm's mom spelled his name wrong!
Has basic properties
This J.J. discovered electrons
Three dimensional curve seen in a screw or spiral staircase
The total annihilation of a taxa
This is the cavity in your mouth the dentist does NOT fill!
CCloud of gas and dust in space
Study of life under low temeratures
Accumulation of dust and gas into larger bodies
BBuilt of particles of sand
Swiss mathmetician Rahn who introduced the division sign to mathmatics -- not as dulcet as Bach and Beeethoven-- but equally important!
French philosopher and scientist who blazed the trail in mathematics writing
arguably the world's greatest scientist, responsible for Pi, and we aren't talking pastry!
Depression formed by a meteorite
To make a liquid turbid
The amount of water vapor in the air
Where egrets hang out
Siri gets you there this way
The doc tells you to say this
A circular ocean current
DDiscovered radio waves-- good thing for the rental cars!
A Number and a steak
This Greek became the Romans' greatest physician
Honest to God-- this Francis was once a scientist!