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Geometry and Measurement Crossword

Type of angle that is 180 degrees.
Type of lines that intersect creating 90 degree angles.
The measure of the angle the hand of a clock cuts out (in word form) when it moves from 1 to 4.
Number of acute angles in a right triangle.
A quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides.
The number of meters (in word form) in 2,000 centimeters
Total number of inches (in word form) when you combine 2 ft. 10 inches and 1 ft. 7 inches.
A quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel lines.
There are 100 millimeters in one of these.
The number of degrees (in word form)for an angle that cuts out 1/12 of a circle.
The number of pints (in word form) that are equivalent to 64 ounces.
Four of these equal a gallon.
A geometric figure with two endpoints.
A metric unit of capacity.
A metric unit of mass.
An exact location in space represented by a dot.
A customary unit of measurement that equals 16 ounces.
36 inches are equal in length to this unit of measurement.
The type of triangle with one obtuse angle and two acute angles.
What you must do in order to covert smaller units to larger units.