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7th Science TCAP Review

A group of different tissues that work together
A visual display that uses a line to relate two sets of data over time
The male reproductive parts of a flower
The group that is used as the standard
Organelles in plant cells that capture light energy
The factor that you change in an experiment
Makes protien
A variable that can be measured or observed in the experiment
Command center of cell
The movement of materials across a membrane
All the genes that are passed on to an offspring
The basic unit of structure and function in all living things
A working model
Production of a new organism from two parents
Pieces of information
Energy is made here in cell
A fuel made from recently living things
Movement of water across a semi permeable membrane
A statement that sums up the experimental results
A reactant of photosynthesis
The female reproductive part of a flower
The expressed trait of an organism
Mass divided by its volume
A group of similar cells