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Fcat 2.0 Science Vocab

Powerhouse, where energy is made.
Organelle that is a storage.
Rocks that form from layering and cementing.
Change in appearance.
Relationship where both benefit.
Rocks that form from volcanoes.
Chemical process by which plants make sugar.
Smallest unit of life.
Lower tides during 1st and last quarter moon.
Relationship where 1 benefits and 1 is harmed.
Heat energy transferred by the rising of warmer water/air and the sinking of cooler.
Weather pattern over a long period of time.
Heat transfer by touching.
An idea that has been explained but not proven.
When you do your experiment several times.
When 2 or more sub. create a new substance.
Relationship where 1 organism is helped and the other is unaffected.
When another person does your experiment.
Rocks that form from heat and pressure.
Heat transfer through empty space.
Contains cells DNA.
High tides during new and full moon.
Thing you change in an experiment.
Condition of the atmosphere.
A fact, same results each time.
Group of cells.