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Vocabulary - List 22

Years of working with strong chemicals in the lab destroyed the scientist's __________ senses, and he could no longer smell anything.
Choosing a college is an important decision, and it would be wise to __________ on it until you are confident you are making the right decision.
Notorious for being an __________, that student never wants to do things the way the teacher recommends.
Concerned with the sense of smell
To think over deeply
Flippancy; joking about serious matters
The little girl had a __________ expression on her face as she napped in the shade of the large oak tree.
The __________ of the birds chirping in the morning is a natural alarm clock for some people.
Many hopeful scientists have spent their lives studying __________ as a way to make gold, but it has never worked like they had hoped.
The hikers searched for hours to find __________ water, but in the end, they died of thirst.
Although Coach Read considers himself an athlete, his __________ body says otherwise.
The chef, after seeing how dull and stained his counters were, told his staff to __________ the surfaces until everything shines.
Most of the family members at the funeral were offended by the woman's __________, for they felt like jokes were not appropriate in that situation.
Person who opposes orthodoxy
Suitable for drinking
Medieval chemistry; attempt to change base metal into gold
Pleasant sounds