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More Money Vocabulary

Teacher: Ms. Luckey
Goodness or excellence
A win or achievement
Advanced or moved on
Greg was ____ Maura of copying the comic books before he actually read one.
Making tiny Chunky Comics was a difficult ___.
Thorough check or examination
Wrapped in or blanketed
At the meeting, they had ____ about the comic books or compromise.
A lot of money or windfall profit
Something you buy that may increase in value or earn more money
You should ____ some money into your savings for later!
A beginner at a task
A character who thinks too highly of themselves may be _____.
Money earned for savings or paid for loans
Greg showed the _____ to make a plan and follow it.
At the beginning of the story, Greg was obsessed with _____.
Greg and Maura ____ profits to the school library.
Criticized or made fun of
The money earned AFTER expenses are paid.
Ms. Luckey doesn't like to see ___ in her classroom!