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Civil War Crossword

Fort in Charleston, S.C where Confederate troops started the Civil War
The biggest killer in the Civil War
Sherman's campaign to destroy the South's economy, ability to wage war, and will to fight
This was Lee's greatest victory but resulted in the death Stonewall Jackson
The writ of ______________________ allows someone who is arrested to know what they are charged with and who's charging them
Commanded Union troops at the Battle of Gettysburg (last name only)
Midwesterner's who sympathized with the South and opposed the abolition of slavery
Ships heavily armored in iron
Admiral who commanded Union Navy at Battle of New Orleans, Siege of Vicksburg
Deadliest single-day battle in American history
This amendment abolished slavery in the United States
Extreme form of warfare where all actions and behaviors are acceptable if it defeats the enemy
The Union's two-part strategy to defeat the South
President of the Confederate States of America
Deadly new bullet that collapsed on impact, shattering bones and shredding the insides of soldiers
Capital of the Confederacy
Location of deadly draft riots in 1863
An individual who is killed, injured or missing during a battle
Battle where Grant forced Confederate troops back into MS from TN
Union general who accepted Lee's surrender