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The Rise of Islam

Another word for Muhammed's example is _____; this is the best model for proper living according to his followers.
The _____ is the migration of Muhammad and some followers from Mecca 200 miles north to the town of Yathrib (now called Medina).
The area now known as the Middle East was considered a _____ of trade and ideas because merchants traveled on caravan routes to trade goods and information and ideas.
Arab nomads from the Arabian Peninsula that organized into tribes and groups called clans, the _____ inhabited the desert and survived with use of oases.
Many Meccans pledged their loyalty to Muhammad, and many converted to Islam by joining the ____, or Muslim religious community.
Religions that believe in one god, like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are considered _____.
The area that includes places in Africa, Southwest Asia, and Europe, where goods were traded and new ideas were shared is oftentimes referred to as the _____.
Muhammad's life was changed when he had a _____; it was then that an angel was sent by Allah to give Muhammad a message.
To become a Muslim, a person has to testify to the statement of _____.
An Islamic house of worship is called a _____.
Transport of spices and incense from _____ was common on the Arabian peninsula.
Muhammad was married to _____; they were also in a good business partnership.
The _____ are a scholar class of Muslims that includes religious teachers that apply the words and deeds of Muhammad to everyday life.
As a prophet, Muhammad began to _____ and preach to the people that Allah was the one and only god.
Giving of _____, or money for the poor and less fortunate is a responsibility of all Muslims.
Muhammad taught that _____ was the one and only God, and that all other gods must be abandoned.
The holy book for the Muslims is called the _____; this book is said to include the revelations Muhammad received.
Another name for the pilgrimage to Mecca is the _____; during this journey all people wear identical clothes, to show they are all equal before Allah.
The Five _____ are five duties that all Muslims need to carry out.
All Muslims who are physically and financially able must make a journey to Mecca, this is called a _____.
The _____ is the person who calls Muslims to prayer five times a day.
_____ (or not eating and drinking) serves to remind Muslims that their spiritual needs are greater than their physical needs.
At first, Muhammad's teachings met with hostility; some thought his monotheistic beliefs would lead to the neglect of _____ Arab gods.
Muhammad took a great interest in religion; he often spent time alone in prayer and _____.
People who agreed to the basic principle of Islam, belief in only one god, are called _____.
The angel _____ spoke to Muhammad, and he learned that he was the last of the prophets.
The Abyssinian army set out to destroy the Ka'aba; however, their _____ refused to attack.
Muhammad was very influential in Medina; he became a political, religious, and military _____.
The language of the Qur'an is _____; Muslims consider this the only version that is the true word of Allah.
The _____ contained over 360 idols brought by many tribes; they worshiped many gods and spirits.
Muslims remove their _____ before praying and go through a ritual cleansing; this is because they are on "holy ground."
Many caravans used to stop in _____; they brought religious pilgrims to worship at an ancient shrine in the city of Ka'aba.
_____ is a system of law that regulates the family life, moral conduct, and business and community life of Muslims.
Five times a day, Muslims face toward Mecca to _____.