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Science Vocabulary Page 154

A group of organisms of the same kind that live in the same area at the same time
An animal that is hunted by other animals for food
Water that falls from the atmosphere as rain, snow, hail, or sleet
Something that a living thing needs to stay alive
A change in which no new materials form
A measure of how far an object moves in a certain amount of time
The body system that controls all the other body systems
A feature that can be observed with the senses or measured with a tool
The body system that takes in oxygen from the air
An animal that hunts other animals for food
A tool used to measure the amount of rain that falls
A consumer that eats both plants and animals
Information gathered with the senses
Water that flows over the land surface
A living thing that makes its own food
A tool used to measure mass
The process by which plants use energy from sunlight to make their own food
A flat area of land where salt water overflows
Something that a living thing needs to stay alive
The body system of bones that gives the body structure and support
The location of an object
The transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
A living thing
A small body of fresh water surrounded by land