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Ag Science - Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Global Positioning System - methods used to connect orbiting satellites and a ground receiver to locate exact points on a field.
Controlling information about something without being in contact with that which is being studied.
Using crop production and other practices that make efficient use of available water and prevent the loss of moisture.
Devices used to regulate the operation operation of machines used in precision farming.
A device to remotely collect information.
Loss of soil by wind, water or other natural action; washing or wearing away of the soil.
Artificial application of water to encourage plant growth and productivity.
Mapping system and associated technology used in applying fertilizer and other inputs based on what is needed.
Global Information System - the methods used in mapping fields into grids for precision farming.
An information and technology based crop management system.
All of the parts of the environment where a particular plant is living.
Using resources to assure that some will be available in the future.
Knowledge gained by systematic study.