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Shaped like or forming a ring.
A type of telescope designed to view the Sun's Corona.
A small, frozen mass of dust and gas revolving around the sun.
Region around an object where the influence of the object's magnetic field can be felt.
Beautiful eruptions in the outer part of the Sun's atmosphere.
The area around a star where it is just the right temperature for life to exist.
The outermost part of the Sun's atmosphere.
A group of stars, gas and dust held together by gravity.
The remnants of a dead star. They are incredibly compact and spin very quickly, some spin 100 times a second.
When our view of one object in the sky is blocked by either another object or the Earth's shadow.
Twinkling of stars. Due to the Earth's atmosphere.
the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.
The path the Sun, Moon, and planets all follow in the sky.