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Geometry Crossword Fun

Middle of a line segment. Can be found by bisecting a line.
Has a square base. Is a type of Pyramid.
Has a triangular base. to find volume use 1/2xbxlxh
Second part of SOHCAOTOA. adjacent over hypotenuse
6 square faces. same shape as dice
Two rectangular bases and three rectangular sides. All diagonals are congruent
Perfectly round. Surface of a ball
Straight line that cuts a curve in two parts. reciprocal of a cosine.
2 adjacent angles that equal 180.
Formed by 2 line segments whos endpoints share a vertex.
A line that touches a circle at one point. is always perpendicular to the radius.
Goes on forever. has no start nor end
Only used with coordinate plans. Remember to square the answer.
Lines with same slope different y intercept. lines that never touch
First part of SOHCAHTOA. Opposite over hypotenuse
Preserves angles and side lengths. Only moves the figure,
Closed figure. Is 2d
Line segment from center of circle to circumference.
Line segment whose endpoints lay on the circle. Does not pass through the center.
Closed prism. Is 3d