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People, Laws, and Democracy - (Constitution)

Teacher: Ms. Neal's
The Constitution tells how to _____________
This document is a plan for how the government works
True or false - the Constitution has kept the United States government weak for over 200 years?
The Constituion included how many main parts?
Why the amendments were added to the Constitution?
The beginning of the Constitution is called the _______________?
This part of the Constitution explains the branches of the U.S. Government.
How long has the Constitution kept the U.S. free?
True or false - the amendments were not part of the original Constitution?
The third section of the Constitution
True or false - the amendments were part of the original consitution?
The Constitution is above any city or state law, it is the
The number of articles found in the Constitution
The Constitution is a ____________ of democracy.
One of the things the Constitution does is say how much __________ the branches of the government can have