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Science - Light Energy Review

Light travels slowly through ________ materials.
When looking at the red apple, all of the other colors are ___________.
An example of artificial light
A transparent object
Reflect all of the light that hits them.
Tool used to separate white light into all of its colors.
All of the colors we see that make up white light
The bouncing off of light waves from a surface
Material that allows all light to pass through, and object on the other side can be seen
Acronym for Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
When you look at a red apple, what color is reflected to your eyes
When something blocks the path of light what is formed?
An object that is opaque.
Form of energy we detect (see) with our eyes.
Light created from a source such as lamps or light bulbs.
Light created by the sun.
A translucent object
Material that scatters light in different directions so it is hard to see objects clearly
Bending of light as it passes from one material, or medium to another
What occurs when the sunlight refracts through water vapor in the sky
Material that blocks light completely.
Light moves in straight lines or _________