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Automotive Drum Brakes

Hydraulic part of a drum brake asembly
Do not clean brake parts with ____________!
Drum that measures different diameters around its circumference
The secondary shoe always faces the _______ of the vehicle.
_______ adjustment allows the brake shoe adjuster to be adjusted
Spring that helps release the brake shoes
Must not be exceeded when machining drums
Part of the brake shoe that provides support
Drum that has worn thinner in the inner than the outer surface
Type of star wheel adjuster used on servo type drum brakes
Type of drum brake system that the bottom of the brake shoes are not anchored
Brake drum that includes hub and bearings
Most servo type brakes can be removed from the backing plate as a ______
Most drum brake parts are anchored to this
Part sometimes used to connect the brake shoes and wheel cylinders
Pass of the cutter on the brake lathe performed at a high speed rate
Type of drum brake system that the bottom of the shoes are anchored
Aluminum drums have a ______ liner
Minimum brake lining thickness for VA state inspection
Raised spot on brake shoe table that contacts the support pad
Short front brake shoe
Part of a brake adjusted that should not be lubricated
The brake shoe adjuster must be loosed to remove drums that are _______
Tool used to adjust star adjuster wheels
Brake shoe return springs are sometimes _________
Tool used to measure and adjust brake shoe width
The adjusting lever must be ________ in order to loosen a brake adjuster
Must be reinstalled after brake shoe adjustment
Term used to describe the drum rotation pulling the shoe into contact with the drum
Are made on some drums for cooling
Most self adjusters operate in ______
____________ can not be removed using lathe cutting bits
The ______ must be removed from an integral drum before it can be machined
_______ should always be performed after any brake work
Part of brake shoe that holds the lining material
The primary shoe always faces the ______ of the vehicle