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Night Chapter 5 Reading Check

The sound made by a bell rung slowly for a death
Elie and his father would have been liberated, or _____, had they stayed in the infirmary instead of evacuating.
Eiezer went to the infirmary for a swollen _____.
Jewish prayer recited after a death (77)
A life-threatening intestinal disease.
The process in which Nazis chose who would be put to death
Elie's friend taken in the selection after losing his faith.
Elie dreamed of a world without the ____ that regulated everything (73)
Elie and the other prisoners had hopes that the war would end soon because the ______ was advancing on Buna. (80)
A place for the care of the sick, or injured.
At the beginning of this section, Elie is mad at _____ for all the horrible events he has witnessed.
a fixed amount of a food officially allowed to each person (73)
Jewish holy day marked by fasting and prayer for the atonement of sins.
Elie's father gave him a knife and spoon as his____ in case he died. (75)
The prisoners didn't want their _____ off their arms written down for selection.