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Weather Crssword Puzzle

A large region of air that has a similar temperature and humidity is me.
My waves cause a bulge of water in the ocean.
We blow steadily over long distances in a predictable direction. What are we?
The solar energy that reaches a planet is me. What am I?
A rainstorm that includes lightning and thunder. what am I?
I am the amount of water vapor in air. What am I?
I am also called atmospheric pressure. What am I?
I am the dry area on the leeward side of the mountain. What am I?
The average weather of a place is me. Please find me!
I am a rotating, funnel-shaped cloud with speeds up to 500km/hr
I am a big snowstorm with 56-km/h winds and enough snowfall that you can only see up to one quarter of a mile.
What is the change in weather conditions?
I am Earth's Surface. What am I?
I show the weather in a specific area at a specific time. What am I?
I am the constant movement of ocean water.
I am any storm with a low-pressure center that causes a circular pattern o winds to form. What am I?
I am the condition of the troposphere at a particular time and place.
When the wind speed of the storm reaches more than 119km/h, I occur.
I measure atmospheric pressure. What am I?
When one air mass meets another air mass I form!