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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Grade 5/6 Final Exam (not)

A word to describe math
The amount that a container will hold
A 3-d shape with 6 congruent square faces
The number you divide by in a division question
The answer to a multiplication question
The difference between the greatest and least values in a set of data
A set of steps to complete an operation eg division
A four sided polygon
A slide of a shape
The amount of space taken up by an object
Type of triangle that has two equal sides
Ten years
A unit of measurement for mass of very large objects
A number that has more than two different factors
Exactly the same in size and shape
The most common number in a set of data
The distance around a circle
Results from a survey that do not really apply to the whole group
A tool to measure angles
The direction the hands of a clock move
An angle smaller than 90 degrees
The general direction of data found in a graph
The part of a graph that explains the symbols used
The amount of space a surface covers