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Biology A: Final Review

An organism that can make its own food.
Bacteria cell type
Form of cell division that divides chromosome number in half.
Information gathered from observations.
A chemical factor that determines a trait.
The part of cellular respiration that occurs in the cytoplasm.
Having one dominant gene and one recessive gene for a trait.
Energy source used by cells.
Cell process that moves substances from low to high concentration (2 wds.).
The final phase of mitosis.
Process that makes sugars during photosynthesis (2 wds.)
Cell type found in plants and animals.
The diffusion of water.
A form of a gene.
Series of events that cells go through as they grow and divide (2 wds.).
A light-gathering substance in plants.
A scientific experiment can only have one of these at a time.
Must be stated in a way that can be tested.
An organism's visible trait.
A product of cellular respiration.
Cell part that converts sunlight into chemical energy.
Process that moves substances from high to low concentration.
Cell part that controls what enters and leaves the cell (2 wds.)
Cell part that converts food into energy
The part of cellular respiration that makes the most ATP (2 wds.)
Cell part that makes proteins.
A product of photosynthesis.
Prokaryotic cells lack this cell control center.
The study of living things.
Results from uncontrolled cell division.