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Super Hero Vocabulary

A female superhero.
A possible danger.
To get ideas or creativity from something else is to get ___________ from them.
Where I can go to learn and keep up with my reading skills with an awesome teacher that encourages me and gives me bucks!
When you press on the brakes and the wheels slow down on the pavement you are creating ________.
A synonym for this word would be embarrassed or uncomfortable.
A hero who got his powers by getting bitten by an arachnid.
A hero who uses flying and strength to help during a crisis.
To speed up.
When people are in need or in devastation they may be going through a ________.
When you are worried or hurried to find something, you are __________ searching for it.
When you think of a lot of ideas quickly.
To change in some way.
If you do something for the first time, never done by someone else, it is _________ to you.
A hero who transforms into another shape and color.
To inform.
Harsh or hard.
A spy might have a secret _________.
It is exciting, or ________, to race a car.
A force that pulls something toward the ground.