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Calculus First Semester

A function that is its own derivative
Slope of the tangent line to a curve at a given point
When the second derivative is negative, the original function is concave ________.
The process of finding the largest or smallest value of a function
In order to find this function, switch the x and y and then solve back for y.
One of the two men who are credited with inventing calculus
This derivative can give you information about where the original function is increasing or decreasing
The point where the function changes concavity is the ________ point
An application of calculus that relates quantities as time passes
The derivative of the position function
The y value a function approaches as it gets closer to a given x-value
The largest y-value in the neighborhood of a given x-value
A rule used for finding the derivative of a composition of functions
If the function value equals the limits value at a given point, the function is _________.
As x gets larger, y gets larger
Line perpendicular to a curve at a given point