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Intro to Ceramics


Marking the surface of clay with uniform lines
Unfired pieces of clay
Stamping into clay
Scratching the surface of a piece of clay in order to join it to another
Clay that has begun to dry but can still be worked with
Clay pieces that have been fired once
Polishing clay with a smooth stone
Cutting or carving into clay
Technique used to shape clay by squeezing between the thumb and fingers
Technique used to force air bubbles out of clay.
To heat ceramic clays and glazes to maturity
A special furnace that reaches high temperatures used for firing clay
A coating of glass that is fused to the surface of a clay body during firing
Clay that is dry enough to be fired
The quality of clay that allows it to be shaped without tearing or breaking
Clay-water mixture used to join pieces of clay
The art of making objects with clay