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French Toast with French Roast

John 3:19
French greeting 4 "Good day!"
Painters. Monet, Renoir & Cezanne were famous French __
"Hautbois" is this wind instrument
French 4 "new." Pont __ is, ironically, oldest bridge in Paris w/o houses on it
Text 4 "see you"
French & English word 4 "adversary"
Skills. Napolean used his __ to glorify himself
South Dakota (ab)
"Reine" is French 4 female monarch. __ Marie Antoinette
Distress signal. A red triangle by a car is a __
"Huiles" is French 4 motor, anointing or EVOO __
Text 4 "you are"
Hatchet. "Hachette" is French 4 __
That is (ab)
Mystery, enigma
Registered nurse (ab)
Ergo, there4. Stroll Seine bouquinistes __ U have an appetite 4 flan & crepes
Biblical high priest or NFL QB
Overseas Vacation (ab)
Java. French roast is a __ U drink with French toast
In France U do this @ a green light
Brief publication. Read missions monthly __
Radiograph. The Bible reads your heart like an __. Hebrews 4:12
Pivot. Pride & rebellion R the __ of evil
Famous French mountains: __s
More domesticated
Be nosy, spy
Forsake. Bible says in End Times some will __ the Faith 2 follow deceiving spirits & doctrines of demons. 1 Timothy 4:1
Roman #99
Certain. We brought nothing into this world, so it is __ we can carry nothing out. 1 Timothy 6:7
Curve. Rouen is located @ a __ in the road
Beheaded. Royals & clergy were __ in French Revolution
Surface. A sub can __ from Atlantic or Mediterranean & see France
Visible. Wicked Islamic terrorism is __ in France
Circular weapon guard. (French "bouclier"). Jesus, be my strength & __. Psalm 28:7
French 4 "Good night"
Compliance. Humility is __ w/o delay. St.Benedict
French 4 "name." __ de plume
Taunts. "Huees" is French 4 __ (not cheers)
Sens __ = one way. Jesus said He is __ way to Heaven. Acts 4:12, John 14:6
Raising from death. Jesus said, I am the __ & the life; believe in Me 2 live again. John 11:25
"Apres la mort" is French 4 __. A fool does not prepare 4 the __ during this life
Frozen water
Dusk. Seine sights R illuminated @ __
One. Eat __ apple
Gift tags say __ & from
Spindle. An __ broke on an old tour bus
Roman #11
Famous Mont Saint Michel inn & omelette
Mystery story lines. Les Miserables & Phantom of the Opera have __ set in Paris
Hindu posture exercises
Journeyed. Missionary Pere Marquette __ to Michigan
Paris is the capital of this cheesy country
Risk, unguardedness. Limit your __ 2 road hazards
Famous. A bateau mouche cruises by many __ monuments
"Femme" is French 4 __
Former. __ spouse
Louvre Open (ab)
__ Lincoln said: People R as happy as they make up their minds 2 be
Concluded. Sunset cruise __ @ Eiffel Tower
Groups of 1/2 a dozen
Place. __ God 1st in your life & U will get the desires of your heart. Matthew 6:33, Psalm 37:4
"Ouvert" is French 4 open, not closed
Study. The Bible is the Book that will __ U
Example given (ab)
Who likes French toast with French roast?
Ralentir travaux (ab 4 roadworks)