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Southwest Asia environmental issues

A growing problem in the Middle East as countries work to modernize their systems of agriculture.
Desert nomads: people living in and around deserts. Surviving as sheep and cattle herders, who make a living by trading animals.
A type power produced from the energy of running water
A belief system in a particular God or gods with a specific set of rituals and literature.
A major contributor to water pollution in the middle east
The river which forms a natural border for Syria, Jordan, the West Bank, and Israel
The most precious , yet least abundant natural resource in the Middle East. A shortage of this resource is a major cause of conflict.
A powerful organization that controls the oil in the world market
The supply of water to land or crops.
The process of removnig salt and other chemicals from seawater.
The representation of how a certain group of people share cultural ideas and beliefs that have been a part of their community for generations.
An expensive type of irrigation in which computers measure out how much water each plant will receive.
One of the most valuable natural resources to the economy in the Middle East.
The Middle East is on which continent?