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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Vocabulary #1 Crossword

The people, animals, or imaginary creatures who take part in the action of a story
The harsh treatment of others, often due to race or religion
The main character in a story, play, or novel
Lasting a very long time
The electronic systems that telephones and other electronic devices use to send information
Sudden overthrow of a government by a group of people
The force working against the protagonist
To sob or let out a soft cry
Something that is harmful or destructive
To support someone's admission into a group
Relating to birth
The way an author reveals the trait and personality of the characters
If ideas things are the most common, they __________.
When governments grant people full citizenship
Disorderly disturbance
A person who sends out vehicles according to a schedule
A disorderly fight
To deny someone's possession of something.
A struggle between opposing forces
To make someone feel shocked or dazed