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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Period 2: Geometry

Has six siblings.
Their hair has been dyed 8 times.
Plays baseball and basketball.
Had 9 different hair colors in the past 2 years.
Is left-handed.
Has two nephews and a niece.
Is a radio operator.
Is dedicated to football, wrestling, and lifting.
My last name is a mammal.
Plays four different sports.
Plays football and runs track.
Can make a bunny face.
Was absent when we made the cards.
Enjoys Black Metal.
Moved to Iowa from Minnesota.
Has only been in Iowa for 3 years.
Has a last name that is a mammal.
Has wrestled for seven years.
Is bilingual.
Knows how to cook professionally.
Loves shoes and playing sports.
Led many fund-raisers last year.
My last name is a bird.
Has arachnephobia.
Does BMX racing.
Has a leg with seven holes.
Sometimes introverted but likes sneakers and video games.